Wealth Protection Video Course

This course reveals how the U.S. Dollar Collapse & Global Economic Reset are events already in the making. The world is about to fundamentally change, learn to survive and prosper by taking the same steps the worlds elite are taking.

In 2013 Fabian Calvo, also known as Fabian4Liberty, was invited to speak at a privately held meeting with some of the worlds top hedge fund managers, private equity fund managers and almost a hundred of their wealthiest clients. In the meeting Fabian reveals exactly how the Global Economic Reset will take place and how to prepare for it.


Famed forecaster and private equity fund manager Fabian Calvo reveals a coming historic event in his new book and video course which will fundamentally change the world overnight. The information contained in this material is highly controversial and gives you everything you need to know to survive and prosper the great crisis ahead as well as what signs to look for that the great collapse is at hand.

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Praise for Fabian Calvo’s Global Economic Reset book and video course

In Fabian Calvo’s, Fabian4Liberty, new book and video course you will learn:

  • How the U.S. Government is privately warning the world’s top investment groups to prepare for this historic event
  • Why top hedge fund managers, banking executives and politicians are mysteriously retiring and leaving America
  • The history of the Global Economic Reset and how it is destined to happen again
  • How this event will be the opportunity of a lifetime for prepared investors and individuals
  • The steps you can take right now to prepare yourself for the this historic event.
  • How to plant flags around the world from the comfort of your home to avoid having all your assets stuck in America
  • Over 6 hours of video from Fabian Calvo’s GER Preparedness Seminar

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