The Global Economic Reset

The Day America Loses The World Reserve Currency.

In this controversial new book Fabian Calvo uncovers the secret plans for a global economic reset that will start with the collapse of the U.S. Dollar.

This book explains how the worlds top hedge funds and private equity funds are preparing their clients for this historic Global Economic Reset event now and how you can too.

In This Book You'll Learn:

  • How to survive and prosper during the greatest economic shift in history
  • Why the west is facing a historic collapse of their economies
  • How the modern world closely mirrors the pre World War I era
  • How the American Republic can rise again

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Author Picture Fabian Calvo
Fabian Calvo

About The Author

Fabian Calvo is one of the leading real estate mentoring and investing experts in the world. He has closed thousands of transactions and tens of millions in purchases and sales. His mission is to teach hard working individuals the art of buying and selling real estate with no money out of pocket, no credit, and no prior experience so they can also achieve financial independence.

Fabian is the founder and President of the real estate investment firm “The Note House” and creator of the world renowned “Resourceful Real Estate Academy” His motivation and driving beliefs are founded on the notion that anyone, anywhere, regardless of their current economic condition can make money implementing his strategies and tactics investing in real estate. When he began his career over a decade ago, he did not set out to become the world recognized investing teacher he is today, but when he realized that the corporate elite and Washington bureaucrats want Americans to be dependent on big government instead of themselves, he knew he had to reveal to the world the investing secrets and strategies used by hedge funds and other top real estate investors so that the average American could also become wealthy and financially free. To date, Fabians program has sold all over the world and every day he hears from people about how is program has changed their life.

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